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"Famous Sportsbook Killer Rich Allen Has Set His Sights On Another Victim: Horse Tracks. With Scientific Precision, He Has Turned Their Crooked Odds Against Them & Consistently Racks Up Easy Winnings!!"

I need you to do me a favor: Google the name "Rich Allen" or "Sports Betting Professor" It's easy to find me, but it is really hard to find anything bad about me. You know why? MY PICKS WIN - consistently. I am not some scammer who claims to have trainers on the payroll; instead I attack bookies with a virtual nuclear weapon: Cold, Hard Objective Data.
I know you've looked all over the Internet to find a horse racing system that clearly explains how to bet on the ponies at the biggest racetracks in the world. Tracks like Santa Anita, Churchill Downs, Saratoga, etc.

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