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Poker is extended card game. Poker betting and characterized , winner of a full circle collected the prize on the table. There are many variations of poker, but the most basic rules are the same.
Game Rules

Classic Poker is the basic form of poker. He plays with a basic set of maps (52), players consist of a combination of five cards. After an initial round of bets a player can replace some of your cards. The maps are hidden throughout the game (except for poker high) and only at the end of the game. Players on the bet raise their hand or withdraw from the games (and left inputs on the table). Payout collected only remaining player or those with the highest hand.

In poker hands from highest to lowest (* denotes any card):

* Royal Scale: A K Q J 10 in the same color
* Straight flush: five consecutive cards (for example 4 5 6 7 8) in the same color
* Poker: four cards of the same value (eg 7 7 7 7 *)
* Full house: Tris and a pair (eg A A A Q Q)
* Color: Any five cards of the same color (eg, five hearts)
* Or Kent. Scale: five consecutive cards (eg 5 6 7 8 9) is not in the same color
* Tris: Three cards of the same value (eg 8 8 8 * *)
* Two pairs: (eg, A A C C *)
* Pair: two cards of the same value (eg 9 9 * * *)
* Without steam: five different cards of different colors

In the open variant of each player one card is visible to everyone. There are also more popular variants such as slačipoker. In casino play the game on the slot machines.

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* The Internet is not necessary to give the dealer a tip. Well, in theory, even in traditional casinos is not necessary to give tips but the operation is considered the victory already almost like an unwritten rule. If the slightly longer term izračunaš how many tips in traditional casinos spend on tips or gratuities, accumulated quite a neat pile of money.
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